What is so special about a Puzzle game? Why do we spend time to solve them? Well, the point is ‘Puzzle’ is a mind exercise, and it has the ability to catch hold of our attention. When a person sees a puzzle, his/her mind starts racing to find a solution for it. That is why many kids and adults like solving them. They like new challenges, and want their brain to go the extra mile. The satisfaction the person gets after solving a puzzle is immense.

A puzzle, as everyone knows, is a game that involves calculation. You have to calculate each step by predicting the outcome of a particular move. A Puzzle game can be a picture broken into pieces, and arranged in a random fashion. It can be games like Sudoku, the Japanese game that requires the player to fill in numbers in the grids that are empty, and complete a particular order. Then, there is Tower of Hanoi game, Chinese checkers, etc.

Playing a Puzzle game is always special; it challenges you at every turn, and renders you the opportunity to exercise your brain cells. There are many video games that kids like to play, as it contains high graphic detail and sound, and they term it “interesting storyline.” Well, these games never allow you to utilize your brain cells. They decrease our response time; but, on the other hand, feed แทงบอลออนไลน์ us on violence and rash driving. If you are a parent, we advise you to never let your kids play such games because they might have a negative impact on them.

There are lots of puzzles on the internet; back in our days, we used to go to our favorite game stores and buy a puzzle. The problem with that was that once you solve the puzzle, you would have to buy a new one to get a new challenge. But, today, there is no need to buy games; you can play them online, and many online games are free. The websites that host puzzles put in new challenges every day. The difficulty levels can be adjusted according to your ability. There are websites, which give you the recognition of being the best puzzle solver by publishing your name on the website winner’s list.

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