For you to enjoy playing your favorite game, you should buy the right pair of football shoes. To help you out, here are the main types of football boots that you will find online:

Changeable studs

They are characterized by six large metal studs that have been screwed into the sole. To maximize grip, the stud length can be easily adjusted. Adjusting the stud length also aids in preventing slipping when you are playing in muddy or waterlogged conditions.

According to the manufacturers, you should not use the boots on firm or dry ground. You should also avoid using them on Astroturf or indoor pitches. This is because it’s impossible to balance yourself; therefore, you risk blistering or even injuring yourself. To be on the safe side you should use the shoes on soft ground.

If you are planning of buying these boots, you should note that they are heavier ufabet เว็บหลัก than other boots. This is due to the metal studs.

Moulded studs

They are characterized by rubber sole plate that features 12 integrated studs. In most of the cases, the studs are much shorter than changeable studs.

The good side with the boots is that they are firm, light, and comfortable. They also provide perfect balance as your body weight is evenly distributed across the sole. Due to this, there are minimal chances of injuring yourself.

The boots are ideal to be used on firm ground; however, you can also use them on mud. When using them on mud you need to be careful of slipping and falling.

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